Are you looking for the best baby crib canopy for your newborn baby?This article will not just describe you about the crib canopy,but will help you to choose the best crib canopy,and provide you important tips to buy the crib canopy with a cheap rate.

A particular type of fabric that is attached at the ceiling or the top of a crib and that flows around the crib is known as a crib canopy. The fabric is specially made and soft enough so that it does not affect the baby’s kin in a negative way. The crib canopies are mainly used to protect the baby from mosquitoes or any other bugs. This also helps to dim the

light that enters the crib, giving the children a smooth dreamlike environment and the lets the babies to have a nice and comfortable sleep. The crib canopies are available in different sizes according to the size and shape of your child’s crib, different colors and materials. You can even have a rainbow colored crib canopy to add more colours in your child’s room.

There is something that you should always consider while installing the crib canopies. You should make sure that the canopy is mounted far enough from the child. If the child can reach the fabric, it can take the material into its mouth and choke itself. To remove any kind of possibilities like that, you should read the instructions available very carefully before mounting a crib canopy.

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Types of crib canopy:

There are mainly three different types of crib canopies, classified under their making and working procedures. The three types are as follows:

1. ​Wall mounted canopies:

These types of canopies are your best option to hang a canopy when the crib is located at one corner of the room or along the wall. These types of canopies work as similar to the canopies hanging from the ceiling.​

2. Attached canopies:

These are the canopies which are mounted directly on the crib. The cribs are specially made with frames attached to it to hold the canopy.

3. Ceiling mounted canopies:

This is the most common form of canopies. The canopy is mounted directly over the crib in the ceiling in such a way that the canopy flows easily around the crib, covering the whole of it.

The advantages of using a crib canopy:

Using a crib canopy can help you in different ways. There are certain advantages which you can only get if you install a crib canopy in your nursery. A few of the advantages have been listed below.

  1. They are cheap in price and can be afforded by anyone.
  2. The crib canopies are easy to install and don’t take much time to get mounted.
  3. They are easily replaceable and even washable.
  4. Crib canopies can add more vibrancy to your rooms. They come in different colors and designs and you can add a pink or rainbow canopy for your little kid daughter as well as a blue or sporty canopy for your kid son.
  5. Canopies usually don’t let too much light to enter in the crib. If your nursery is far too bright, then the canopies will certainly help your kids to get sleep in the dimmed light environment inside the canopy.

How to choose the best crib canopy:

There are some considerations which you should keep in mind while buying a canopy. It is not difficult to buy a crib canopy but if you keep those below mentioned points in mind, then your task will be way smoother.

  1. The first thing is to get the shape and the size right. Get the correct measurements of the crib before going to the store to buy your canopy. An undersized canopy may have openings to the crib through which mosquitoes or bugs may enter and bite your child. Whereas, an oversized canopy will sag around the crib which will not let enough air to circulate through it. This will also have a possibility that your kid may get hold of the canopy and may take it to its mouth. To avoid all such things, you should buy just the right sized canopy for your kid’s crib.
  2. The second point is to look for the perfect quality. Don’t buy something which has poor ventilation. Buy something that circulates the air much. Then what you should look for if the quality of the material is harmful to your kid or not. Don’t buy something that might cause skin irritation to your child or may possess the risk of choking.
  3. Getting the perfect colored crib for your kid’s room come next. Choose the color according to your kid’s mood and the mood of the nursery whole together.
  4. Buy the crib that is easy to install as well easy to uninstall. There is no point getting a complex structure which you can’t mount all by yourself.
  5. The last thing you should consider is the price. There are a lot of varieties of cribs available in market with different price tags. Remember, a high price not always guarantees a great product. Get the crib canopy which you deem to be the best for your kid and also look that it does not make a hole in your pockets.

The 10 best Crib Canopy 2015:

By now, you have known how to choose the best crib canopy for your child as well as what to take in considerations while buying one. Here, we have listed the 10 best crib canopy 2015 for your children. Take a look at the list and then decide which one you would like to buy. The list is as follows:

1. Housweety Round Canopy:

The most prominent thing about this Housweety round canopy is the laces that it’s adorned with. That gives this canopy a whole new style statement and makes it look even more sophisticated. You can get it in three different colors according to your choice. This canopy too has a ring in the centre from where it hangs. Apart from the great looks, this also protects your kid from mosquito and bug bites.

2. Octorose Round Hoop Bed Canopy:

The next in the line is Octorose Round Hoop bed canopies. They are different in style from all other canopies as they sport a hoop at the top, allowing the net to easily flow around the bed. This is big enough to cover any bed or crib you want. The hoop also helps you in storing the canopy. This bed canopy also comes in a variety of colors and it is certain that your kids are going to love it.

3. His Juvenile Pack N Play Crib Canopy:

Just as the name suggests, this product is popular for its portability. The thing is very lightweight, easy to install and you can just pack it and take it with you. It is ideal if you travel a lot or you love to exotic vacations. The product design is very simple and the net quality is very good. You can even wash it either using your hands or in the machines. This item is perfect for small sized canopies but can’t fit canopies with a larger size. The cost of the product is kept pretty low and almost anyone can afford it pretty easily.

4. Hawk Bed Net with hanging Ring:

Hawk bed net is also one of the market leaders in crib canopy category. The best thing about this is the net is almost eight feet long and it can easily cover the entire crib. Even when your kid gets older and he graduates to a bed or a cot, this canopy can be used there too. Coming in some exciting colors, this Hawk bed net is surely going to catch your child’s imaginations. The fabric is tough too and easily washable. The mounting rings coming with it also helps you in storing it away while not in use. This bed net comes with a steeper price, but considering all that it adds to your kid’s nursery, you may as well be willing to pay the extra bucks.

5. Icibgoods Dome Crib Canopy:

The next in the line is the beautiful and gorgeous product from Icibgoods. The canopy is made with fine quality mash clothing. The material is see through and offers more than enough air ventilation. The ring that it has on top is made with steer wire and helps you in storing this thing too. The material is very soft and does not cause any skin irritations to your child. You can be relaxed while your child sleeps protected by this canopy as the netting is very good and does not allow the tiniest bugs to enter. The product is very lightweight yet durable. You can hand wash it or even clean it in your washing machine as well.

6. BabyKing Crib Net:

This product provides you with the extra facility to use it over the perambulators too. Apart from protecting your kid from insects and mosquitoes in its crib, it also protects the kid outside of the home. This cannot be mounted from the ceiling; rather it is a type of attached canopy. The size is not great and it cannot cover a big sized crib and this is the only demerit of this BabyKing Crib Net. Apart from that, this product is very easy to carry and wash. The price is a bit in the higher range, but that may be overlooked looking at the portability it provides to you.

7. Jolly Jumper crib net:

Just like the previous product that we have discussed, this Jolly Jumper crib canopy is another sort of attached canopy. There is nothing difficult to install it and the product is best suited for very tender aged toddlers. For babies beyond 3 years, this may not be the product you are looking for. The netting is fine quality and you can be sure about the protection of your kid from any kind of insects. The price of the product is a bit steep too.

8. ​StillCool Baby Crib Canopy:

This is one of the most popular crib canopies available in the market. If you are searching for a crib canopy which has the basic designs, the best materials and is affordable too, then StillCool Crib Canopy is just the right answer for you. This canopy is big enough to cover any size of cribs and is very easy to install. The design is very basic and simple and does not include any kind of frills. Anybody can install it in the ceiling and they would not need any kind of heavy tools for that. You can now keep the windows of the nursery open without getting bothered by the mosquito and the bugs anymore, this canopy will protect your kid from any of these. The only problem you might face with this crib canopy is that the mosquito netting quality is not as good as other expensive canopies provide.

9. W8sunjs Baby Crib Canopy:

This product is another popular one among the customers. This W8sunjs canopy protects your baby from any kind of mosquito and bug bites. The product is also big enough to cover the entire crib. The best thing about this particular canopy is the ease of installation. Anyone can install this canopy over the kid’s crib and they can easily do it without the help of anyone else. This comes in a number of cool and soothing colors that your kids will surely like. The bracket is also made with glass fiber, making the product extra lightweight.

10. ToJoy Baby Crib Canopy:

The ToJoy baby crib canopy is one of the best products available in the market in present days. The canopy is big and long enough to cover any kind of beds and you can even use it in your master bedroom as well. The material is very soft and the netting quality is pretty high. It provides you enough ventilation. The best thing about this canopy is the lightweight of its material. But despite of the lightweight, this product is very tough and durable. ToJoy baby canopy is also machine washable and gives you no trouble while cleaning it. There is a problem with this crib canopy though, this thing comes in only one color, white and does not offer you with any color variations.

So, this is the list what you might have been looking for to get the best crib canopy for your little child. Go through the list carefully and you would know just what to look at while buying the crib canopy.

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